The proceedings for CVPPA papers can be found on the computer vision foundation repository. Extended abstracts may be found below.

Extended Abstracts

Taking Advantage of Depth Information for Semantic Segmentation in Field-Measured Vineyards.
Casado-García, Ángela; Heras, Jónathan*; Milella, Annalisa; Marani, Roberto, 2023. [PDF]

Dynamic phenotype acquisition of maize organ-scale growth based on time series point cloud.
Zhang, Yu; Song, Qingfeng ; Zheng, Lihua ; Zhang, Man ; Wang, Minjuan*; Zhu, Xin-Guang , 2023. [PDF]

3D Point Cloud Instance Segmentation of Lettuce Based on Adaptive DBSCAN.
Chen, Huiying; Li, Guixin; Ma, Qin; Zheng, Lihua; Wang, Minjuan*, 2023. [PDF]

An a contrario approach for plant disease detection.
Leygonie, Rebecca*; Lobry, Sylvain; Wendling, Laurent, 2023. [PDF]

A post-processing pipeline on foundation model for zero-shot learning segmentation of grains in maize ear.
Boutra, Nacir; Leroux, Timothe; Rousseau, David*, 2023. [PDF]

Leaf segmentation of seedlings using foundation model on RGB-Depth images.
Cordier, Mathis; Metuarea, Herearii; Bencheikh, Meriem; Rasti, Pejman; Torrez, Cindy; Rousseau, David*, 2023. [PDF]

Root-SRGAN:SRGAN-based super resolution reconstruction of root image with limited samples.
Ma, Congcong*; Mi, Jiaqi; Wang, Minjuan, 2023. [PDF]

Active learning for efficient annotation in precision agriculture: Collaborative research and results in crop-weed semantic segmentation.
Blok, Pieter M; van Marrewijk, Bartholomeus Maria B.M.; Rustia, Dan Jeric A*; Dandjinou , Charbel ; Franco Gonzalez, Nicolas; Melki, Paul; Diallo, Boubacar; dias, jérôme, 2023. [PDF]

Closing the Gaps in Crop Management: UAV-Guided Approach for Detecting and Estimating Targeted Gaps Among Corn Plants.
Grbović, Željana*; Waqar, Rana Muhammad; Stefanović, Dimitrije S; Pajević, Nina; Filipović, Vladan N; Panić, Marko N, 2023. [PDF]

A comparative dataset of annotated Broccoli heads from a moving vehicle with accompanying depth mapping data.
Hardy, Oliver J*; Seemakurthy, Karthik; Sklar, Elizabeth, 2023. [PDF]

Efficient Detection of Colorado Potato Beetles in Ultra-High-Resolution UAV-Imaging of Potato Fields using Convolutional Neural Networks.
Wieme, Jana*; Mortier, Robin; Leroux, Sam; Cool, Simon; Pieters, Jan; Maes, Wouter, 2023. [PDF]

HyperPRI: A Dataset of Hyperspectral Images for Underground Plant Root Study.
Chang, Spencer J*; Chowdhry, Ritesh; Song, Yangyang; Mejia, Tomas; Hampton, Anna; Kucharski, Shelby; Sazzad, Shahriar; Zhang, Yuxuan; Koppal, Sanjeev J; Wilson, Chris; Gerber, Stefan; Tillman, Barry; Resende, Marcio; Hammond, William; Zare, Alina, 2023. [PDF]